Good Intentions

All people are good.

At least the underlying intentions of humans are basically good.

There is much evidence to support the idea that all people are basically or fundamentally good.

The first concept that comes to mind that proves that the basic intentions of all humans are common and good, so they must be good is the fact that throughout the world many basic laws are similar and show goodness as a theme. Most to all cultures believe it is wrong to kill. Other laws are in place to support not doing harm and doing good to other citizens, animals, and the environment. The collective conscious generally inspires us to take right actions if we are awake and aware enough to notice.

Even when people have bad behaviors if you ask them layer by layer to explain their underlying intentions you will find them they were good. Even though they may be far off track in the actions they were taking, they were initially trying to do good. Examples of underlying intent being good even when say a person robs a store are things like; take care of myself, feed my family, eat, feel better, buy things we need. 🙂 Off track but good intentions.

All of the charitable work done in the world is because people are basically good. The patience and hard work of parents in loving and taking care of their children is because they want to serve, contribute, and do good. A tendency to nurture and love animals in most people is because they are good. Babies and young children are born with a good nature, and they tend to reciprocate love.

Even though there is much bad in the world it never ceases to amaze me how much good there is in people. Humans work hard to contribute and help. When trials and catastrophes occur so many people bond together and help and assist those less fortunate even when they have lost everything. Behavior can be bad, but given the right circumstances that learned behavior will self-correct and people will return to their good nature and eventually contribute in many ways.

There is far too much evidence in the world to show a common thread of decency and good among everyone for one not to see the good in everyone. When we look for the highest in ourselves and others we can always find it. Let you GOOD come out, no really it’s O.K.!


Human Connections

As part of the human race it is interesting to think about how we think of and treat others as a duty, or following the natural law of reciprocity, or as a higher purpose of service without expectations of anything in return. In many ways it makes sense that we only find it most natural to serve others for whom we care about. We may have a duty to serve everyone, or as mentioned at least deal justly with, and respect all others. It is far too easy to separate people into different groups and feel various motivations as to why and to what level we would have a duty to serve them. This spectrum of levels of caring for others should be more even and equal but our intentions really dictate our attitudes and actions.

The first thought I have as I think about the differences in how I feel and act on duties regarding others, is that subconsciously I separate those I feel I should take care of and those that are outside of that scope. My intimates (family and close friends), loved ones (certain; extended family, friends, co-workers, & neighbors), acquaintances (people I have a connection with), and my fellow man (all others). I truly feel a desire and obligation to serve intimates and most loved ones to a certain degree. It’s more of a desire than a duty. Acquaintances and my fellow man are for the most part outside of this sense of duty to take care of, but I definitely feel like I should honor and respect them and support their well-being if possible. I am pleased that I do not consider anyone to be an enemy or outside the scope of good will towards them.

Intimates are those that I serve authentically, much of the time without my mask. They see the best and worst of me. Consequently they receive the highest level of service but at times they are taken for granted and not served or honored nearly as they should be. It would be my will to take care of intimates as they deserve to be without judgment or harshness. I owe them more kindness and need to check all attitudes that stop me from caring as I need to.

Loved ones may not get as deep of a level of service and caring but what they do get is mostly good. They see the best of me most of the time. It seems funny that these less intimate family and friends would get a more balanced, level, and consistent level of love and compassion but in reality they do. I tend to see the best in them and show them the best of myself.

Acquaintances and my fellow man for the most part are not on my radar as people that I have a duty to serve unless for some certain reason I wake up and pay attention to them and their specific needs. They deserve more than my respect and honor. I need to do more to be aware of their needs and I feel it is my duty to acknowledge this and do more for them.

This writing assignment help me notice subtle attitudes within me that need to change. I need to be more awake and aware of everyone. I need to be kinder and gentler in my intimate relationships. My circle of intimates can be expanded and I should not ever take them for granted, be open with them and truly let them in, and love them as they deserve to be loved. Just like we do not do that which we do not, DESIRE, we do not serve others unless we really CARE for them. We all need to understand better the word care. If and when we open our hearts more of the time and see the highest in others we will automatically care for them. In my work I look for and see the best in others and on a daily basis move strangers from my fellow man group into the loved ones category in minutes of meeting them. I need to do this all the time as I cross the paths of others, look for and honor their humanity fully, it is not only my duty but my nature. May we all wake up and truly notice how incredible everyone is. You don’t have to watch a video on “You Tube” with inspirational music and such to feel connected to the beauty of humanity, you just need to open your eyes and heart and notice that we are already connected.