In the Midst of Addiction, a Moment of Clarity


For many of us affected by alcoholism, it is quite shocking to realize that no matter what we try, we cannot control our drinking. Yet, recovery often cannot start until the truth about our malady finally breaks through our deep denial. It may seem odd to an outside person to see someone lose their job, their family and everything that was dear to them, and still continue their uncontrollable drinking. But many of us are not able to come to terms with our addiction until we can clearly see and accept it. Often, our defining moment will be the result of a progression of traumatic experiences caused by our drinking, or it may be defined by one single – moment of clarity.


A moment of clarity is often described as a sudden, and deep acceptance of some truth that has been impossible for us to see. Addiction is an illness…

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About Kevin Brough

President VisionLogic Executive Director of Symbiosis Health Systems Program Director at Symbiosis Retreats Subconscious Behaviorist, Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Addictionologist, Certified HypnoTherapist, NLP Master Practitioner - Trainer, Strategic Interventionist, Motivational Interviewing, New DreamWork Method Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique, Yoga/Meditation, Reiki Master

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