Change Your Inner Voice

Balance Your Health

redrockheader1Look at ourselves as adult children and start paying attention to how we parent ourselves. The way we word our “inner voice” and the tone we use in this self talk will determine whether or not we listen to ourselves and do what we ask ourselves to do. Certain words build and add resources and others burn resources.

A lot of times we think through the “why” we do things or why we don’t do things … Stop using the word why !!!! When we ask ourselves why? It makes us feel like we are judging ourselves and you will usually feel defensive or rebellious….we revert to justification or excuse stories with ourselves!! It doesn’t empower us (it allows us to make excuses). Our brain like the computer it is, starts looking for answer’s the moment we pose a question. When we assign our brain to find information that it…

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About Kevin Brough

President VisionLogic Executive Director of Symbiosis Health Systems Program Director at Symbiosis Retreats Subconscious Behaviorist, Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Addictionologist, Certified HypnoTherapist, NLP Master Practitioner - Trainer, Strategic Interventionist, Motivational Interviewing, New DreamWork Method Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique, Yoga/Meditation, Reiki Master

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