Staying Sober Through Grief & Loss


My step mom had become my mom when I was eleven, and my dad remarried. She was the only mom I knew, because my biological mom disappeared when I was four years old. Of course I never imagined that I would end up losing this mom too!
It has been three years since my (step) mom passed away. I went through a period of time when I was really irritated about the fact that she died when I was sober, instead of when I was drinking – that would have been much easier, right? I mean who is ready to lose a mom, let alone be sober for it all! But somehow, for some reason, I was also determined to get through it and stay sober. I heard people in meetings share that they were able to stay sober through horrendous crisis in their lives, and that gave me the…

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President VisionLogic Executive Director of Symbiosis Health Systems Program Director at Symbiosis Retreats Subconscious Behaviorist, Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Addictionologist, Certified HypnoTherapist, NLP Master Practitioner - Trainer, Strategic Interventionist, Motivational Interviewing, New DreamWork Method Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique, Yoga/Meditation, Reiki Master

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